August 11, 2020
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Friendship Day 2020

International Friendship Day is an international holiday and celebrated annually on July 30 since 2011. The United Nations announced friendship day in 2011. This day was created to promote friendship between different people, cultures, and countries. In some countries, it is not celebrated on July 30 but on the first Sunday of August. It is famous as a world Friendship Day, International Friendship Day, and friendship day.

International Friendship Day is a day to dedicate the friendship. In friendship, there are no boundaries on age, gender, status, religion, and creed. In the modern world, friendship conception changes. It is sometimes seen that economic inequality or other discrimination damage the friendship. At the present time friendship is possible between two types of mind having a feeling of affection for each other and a similar situation.

Friendship Day Images
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Friendship Day Quotes
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International Friendship Day

Friendship day is also based on the importance of friendship as a great and valuable emotion in the lives of humans around the world. The day aims to support the goals and objectives of the Declaration and Program Action on the culture, Nonviolence for children of the world, and the International Decade for the Culture of Peace. United Nations encourages the governments, international organizations, NGOs, and civil society groups to organize events and activities to promote the day. This day Maine theme is #ENDViolence and Spread Kindness.

People have many friends in life childhood friends, school and college friends, etc. Some friends are left behind as time passes, and some connect with you in every good and bad situation in your life. Friends help to reduce stress and give positive energy. People play relationship without any relationship that is called a friendship. Good friends connect quick and bonding between them develops fast. friends can make you successful, and they can spoil your life too. Therefore, one needs to be wise while making friends.

International Friendship Day
International Friendship Day 2020
Happy Friendship Day
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Happy Friendship Day

In today’s time, everyone is busy in their personal life. social media nowadays is very popular and helps us to connect with old buddies. It provides us an opportunity to get-togethers with old friends. With the use of social sites, we always remain connected to each other. Though We may never get to meet with friends we can share our problems and happiness with them. We need friends at every stage of our life. Friends always provide emotional support and protection while standing by the bad times.

This is a perfect day for people to celebrate and rejuvenate personal relationships or spend a good time with friends. People meet, they dine together and have fun. with the increase in the popularity of social media, friends share pictures, wishes, quotes, greetings, and images online. We provide friendship day images, quotes, pictures, greeting, and wishes. On this friendship, you can wish your every friend and make your bond strong. Friendship is an essential part of our life. You can share the wishes on social sites too. These images are free of cost. Download and spread the love.

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