July 14, 2020
Fourth of July

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Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July has become synonymous with the U.S. Independence Day. American Citizens worldwide celebrate the patriotic day in commemoration of its Independence from Great Britain in 1776. Independence Day is a public/federal holiday in the entire United States. If July 4 falls on Saturday, the holiday is observed a day before i.e., on Friday, July 3. If July 4 falls on Sunday, the holiday is observed a day later i.e., on Monday, July 5.

Let us tell you about the history of the Fourth of July. On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress secretly voted in favour of the motion on colonies’ Independence introduced by Richard Henry Lee. Though the voting happened on July 2, the declaration came two days after, i.e., on July 4, 1776, after the adoption of the declaration of Independence by 13 colonies and its publication. The historic document was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, who died precisely after 50 years on July 4, 1826.

Though the holiday date may change, the celebrations, including parades, are held on July 4 only. Many people demonstrate their love for the country by displaying the national flags outside their buildings and playing patriotic music. People enjoy the day at their will. Some go out for picnics, vacations and celebrate the long weekend with their loved ones whereas some choose to celebrate the day with fireworks.

4th Of July
4th Of July Quotes
Fourth of July
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4th Of July

A lot of events and activities are conducted on this day, which includes food eating competitions and many sporting games. States hold many public events and concerts. Many politicians appear at these events and express their feelings and emotions with the public. People celebrate the day religiously. It is no less than a great festival. People are seen with joy and a sense of pride for the history and heritage of their Nation.

Americans express their gratitude to the freedom fighters for the gift of Independence. People also visit and assemble around the Statue of Liberty, which is associated with Independence Day. The day being a federal holiday is off for the general population, government offices, and schools. Around this time of the year, one can see the beaches, restaurants, and hotels flooded with people.

There are some exciting facts on Independence Day. Independence Day become a paid holiday for the federal employees since 1941, reversing the original decision which declared the day as an unpaid holiday in 1870. Other than Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, president of the United States, also died precisely after 50 years of U.S. Independence i.e., on July 4, 1826.

USA Independence Day
US Independence Day
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USA Independence Day

Our fight for freedom with Covid19

This year, Independence Day falls on Saturday. The entire world is suffering from the Pandemic Covid19, and the most affected Nation is the United States. The Corona Virus has claimed many lives. With the grace of God, we are recovering now, and we shall overcome soon. Let us unite—this time against the Pandemic. Come and take a pledge with us to continue social distancing and support the government’s initiatives and directions to contain and eradicate Covid19.

We hope this Independence Day will mark the freedom of our Nation from this deadly disease and give relief to the world too. Though we are forced to contain ourselves in the buildings, Covid19 cannot affect our energy, joy, happiness, pride, and celebrations. We will celebrate the grand day in our way at our places. Do let us know in the comment box your plan of celebrations and how you celebrated this Independence Day.

To plan better, we are leaving you with our specially designed July 2020 Printable Calendar. Do use it and have grand celebrations. God Bless America! Long live the Nation!

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