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Easter Day 2020

According to the Gregorian Calendar, April is the fourth month of the year with 30 days. This month a new start is taken by living things small animals come out from the hibernation, the migration of the birds begins, and the bees and butterflies start collecting nectar from the first flower of this season. Free download Happy Easter Day Images, Pictures, Quotes, and Cards.

You can say that this may be the excuse to improve health and happiness, for enjoying nature, to start any new work energetically. This month it is loaded with many festivals and special days. One such special day is Easter Day 2020. To know more about and meaning of Easter Day, read the whole blog. Check Out Patriot’s Day Images

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Easter Day Quotes
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What day is Easter?

Easter Day is the holy day, according to the Christian calendar. It is also known as Resurrection Sunday or Pascha. This year it will be celebrated on 12 April 2020. It is the most important and happy day for the Christians, as many people celebrate this day in various parts of the world in multiple ways to reminding his sacrifice, and to show love for Jesus.

Why Is Easter Day Celebrated?

We celebrate Easter in honour of Jesus that protect us our sins so that we can go to heaven, and another most important point is that Jesus came back from the death and proofs the power over the end, the power to forgive, and power against the devil.

When Jesus Christ was Crucified, many people were sad and grieved his death and then its his body was kept in the tomb and placed on the cave than on Sunday when Mary Magdalene went to the cave for praying him she saw that Jesus body is not in the Tomb and Jesus has Risen again.

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Origin of Easter

The word Easter is from ‘Ostara’ or ‘Eostre,’ a pagan goddess of fertility, whose feast observes on the Vernal Equinox. The Letter East is also derived from her names, as is Oestrogen, the female hormone. 

What Do Eggs and Rabbits Symbolize During Easter?

Eggs symbolize During Easter because the outer covering of the egg indicates the Cave where Jesus Tomb had placed, and the inner part of the egg indicates the new life and new beginning like Jesus came risen. In the ancient period, rabbits represent as a symbol of rebirth. Such symbols were connected with the season and help us to welcome a new life after the darkness of winter.

Christians celebrate Easter in many Countries in different manners. In Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, people make designs on their Easter Day eggs. In England, it is the tradition of eating hot cross buns and roll down Coloured or designable eggs from the Large Hills. In most parts of North America, Easter Day was taken as the National Holiday. On this day people eat lamp as dinner. During the Jewish Passover, the lamb was a sacrifice, and it became a symbol for Jesus. 

Some other Festivals that comes in April is American Samoa Flag Day, National Redemption Day, Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, and many more.

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