July 11, 2020
Canada Day Images

Happy Canada Day 2020

Canada Day 2020

Happy Canada Day 2020, which was originally called Dominion Day, is celebrated on July 1 every year as the anniversary of Canada’s confederation. On this day, in the year 1867, Canada’s dominion was created by the union of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. The Dominion of Canada was created under the British North America Act of 1867, which is now called the Constitution Act, 1867.

Since 1867, Canada has extended its boundaries and is now comprises of 10 provinces and three territories. It was in the year 1982, i.e., Canada’s independence from Britain, that the name officially changed from Dominion Day to Canada Day. The day is observed as a federal holiday. If July 1 falls on Sunday, the holiday is observed on Monday.

Celebration events are held on July 1; Even the federal holiday is observed the next day. Some people enjoy the day by going to the picnic; Some participate in social gatherings and events. Others celebrate the day as a festival and have fireworks. The local administration and state governments organise multiple events, concerts, parades, etc. The country gets coloured & filled with patriotic colours and emotions. You can also check the Fourth Of July Post. In this article, you get history, celebration of this day.

Happy Canada Day
OH Happy Canada Day
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Happy Canada Day

Citizens express their love for the country by displaying the national flags in their hands and/or displaying outside their homes and buildings. Some paint their faces with shades of the national flag, while others wear red and white clothing as a gesture of celebration. Canadians take much pride in their heritage and enjoy the day with much enthusiasm and joy.

Citizenship ceremonies are also held for new citizens. The day is widely celebrated by the Canadians not only in Canada but across the world by the Canadians living abroad. The celebrations in Canada’s capital i.e., in Ottawa, are on a different level, and one cannot afford to miss seeing the event.

Canada Day Images
Happy Canada Day Images
Canada Day Celebration
Canada Day Celebration Ottawa

Happy Canada Day 2020

Moving Day

The day, in the Newfoundland and Labrador province, is celebrated as the Memorial Day commemorating the massive loss of lives during the 1st World War. The morning on July 1, in this province, is sober, whereas post afternoon, the celebrations in this province are similar to those in the rest of the country.

Quebec observes July 1 as the Moving Day. Usually, in Quebec, the fixed-lease apartment rental term starts from July 1 and ends on June 30. Since it is the time of the summer holidays, all schools in Canada usually are closed. The movement or shifting of possessions from one house to another does not affect the children’s studies. Thus, in this province, the Canada day is also called as the Moving Day.

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