August 2020 Blank Calendar

August 2020 Blank Calendar Month Template

August 2020 Blank Calendar

August 2020 Blank Calendar is the answer for you if you are searching for the calendars which can be easily customized. In this article, we will explain to you on the utility of the blank calendars, some facts on the August month and provide you with some beautifully designed blank calendars. In addition to the blank calendars, the site also has a wide collection of other monthly and yearly calendars. These calendars can be downloaded for free. You can use them either digitally or as a paper calendar.

Some people may find the general information provided in calendars not relevant to them. They may find the calendars burdened with unnecessary information. Therefore, for those people, a blank calendar provides you with flexibility and allows you to incorporate the information that is important for you. You may enter your holidays, targets, birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc. Thus, in short, we can say, that a blank calendar may also be termed as the Personal Calendar because it is specially designed by you and for you.

August 2020 Blank Calendar
August 2020 Blank Calendar Pages To Print
August 2020 Blank Calendar
Print August 2020 Blank Calendar Template

August Blank Calendar 2020

You can choose the format of the one month, two months like – August September 2020 Calendar and yearly calendar template. You can either show the name of the days vertically or horizontally. Further, the background of the calendars has been kept light so that your notings or highlights may come out nicely. You can take a print out of the calendar and place it at your study or office table. You can also fix the calendar on your wall from where it can be easily accessible. The calendar so placed or fixed will provide you with an immediate reference to the calendar and your availability. It also saves time since you need not refer your gadgets and systems every time for the calendar.

August, the month of 31 days, which is named after Augustus Caesar is the eighth month of the Calendar year. The Gladiolus flower which denotes beauty, character, and love is the birth flower of August month. Gladiolus is also known as Poppy flower. Persons born in August on or before 21st belongs to Leo zodiac sign, whereas those who are born from August 22 to 21st belongs to Virgo Zodiac sign. Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Mother Teressa are amongst the famous personalities born in August.

August 2020 Blank Calendar
August 2020 Blank Calendar Landscape Layout
August 2020 Blank Calendar
August 2020 Blank Calendar PDF Chart

Blank Calendar PDF

August recorded many historic events. Though the United States become Independent on the Fourth of July, the official signing of the declaration of Independence was done a month later i.e. on August 2, 1776. On the same date but in the year 1790, the first census in the United States was conducted. In 1942, Mahatma Gandhi was arrested for Quit India Movement. The United States, in August 1945, dropped atomic bombs on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and consequently, Japan surrendered in World War II. India became an independent nation on August 15, 1947, and became free from the British Indian Empire. After 15 years (approx.) of India’s Independence, Trinidad and Tobago also become free from Britain and got Independence on August 21, 1962. Further, in the same month in 1981, the IBM Personal Computer was released.

I hope you liked our informative part mentioned above. Do let us know your valuable feedback in the comment box. Also, let us know how you liked our blank calendars. Do download these calendars, use them, and plan your daily life. We wish all the very best to all our readers that you achieve your goals, targets, and success this August. In case, some targets are left to be achieved, do not get panic. Plan wisely, use the calendar and go for it next month. Keep trying, you will surely get success in the end.

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