April Blank Calendar 2020

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April 2020 Blank Calendar

The system which helps in organizing different days and the occasions, historic events and festivals on that day, is known as the Calendar. After many revisions of older versions of the calendar today the Gregorian calendar, which is a variation of numerous Solar calendars is now considered to be that the standard format all across the globe. It was first introduced in October of 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII and was named after him. Pope Gregory XIII developed it by improving the previously standard calendar, the Julian calendar. See More May 2020 Calendar Printable

April is the 4th month of the calendar year, coming right after March. With the month of April along comes the season of spring and brings new life to nature, though in the southern hemisphere April accounts for the autumn season. The name “April” comes from the Latin word “Aperire”, which is a verb meaning “to open”, indicating the time when the trees and flowers open up and thrive.

April 2020 Blank Calendar
April 2020 Calendar Blank
Blank 2020 April Calendar
Blank April 2020 Calendar Free Download

2020 Calendar April

Many objects are symbolic of the month of April like Diamond, which is the birthstone of people born in April and is a figurative representation of light and brilliance. The birth-flowers of April are the Daisy and Sweet Pea.

The zodiac signs for the people born in April are Aries (until 19th April) and Taurus (20th April onwards). People born in April are said to be the curious and adventurous type. They supposedly are also the passionate kind, who wish to live their lives to the fullest.

There are plentiful religious and cultural events and festivals in April which you can celebrate and enjoy to the fullest like April fool’s Day, Easter and Earth Day just to name a few. All the notable festivals, events and occasions of significance in the month of April are elaborated below:-

April Blank Calendar 2020
Blank April 2020 Calendar With Tasks
April 2020 Calendar Date Blank
April 2020 Blank Calendar Daily

2020 April Calendar

April fool’s Day (1st April) – The month starts off with a bang with April fool’s day which is probably the biggest highlight of the whole month. On this, a person, group persons and even organizations participate by playing practical jokes/pranks or hoaxes on other people. The player of the prank exposes that they’ve played a joke on the other party by exclaiming “April fools” at the poor person who just got played.

The recipients of the jokes are known as April fools. Sometimes even big corporations like Google and BMW actively participate in playing pranks on the general masses. Though playing pranks on someone isn’t considered being nice, April fools’ pranks in the true April fools’ spirit are always harmless. Some people claim that April fool’s day originated from an unintentional prank which was played on people all the way back in 1582.

Easter (12th April) – Celebrated as the day of Christ’s resurrection, Easter is a joyous occasion for many people around the world. People celebrate it by participating in different activities like the Easter Egg Hunt all the while dressed in an Easter costume.

Baisakhi (13th-14th April) – Baisakhi is an Indian festival, specifically in Hinduism and Sikhism. It commemorates the creation of the Khalsa Panth of warriors in 1699 under Guru Gobind Singh. It is also the festival of harvest and the arrival of spring.

Earth Day (22nd April) – It is an annual occasion celebrated across the world to spread awareness as well as show support for environmental protection.

You can easily download the April 2020 Blank Calendar for free here on this page and also for other calendars pertaining to your needs that can be found for free to download on the homepage.

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